Porphyria 's Lover By Robert Browning Essay

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Robert Browning’s “Porphyria’s Lover” he talks about Porphyria and the man she was seeing. Browning doesn’t give the male character a name but the poem was being told from the male character’s point of view. When reading from his point of view at first the reader would think that this poem would be the typical love poem because of the narrator’s tone. But that had suddenly changed as the reader continues to read on and find out that he ends up killing her toward the end of the poem. After he killed her to him it was as if she was still alive to him. He continued the night’s event as if nothing had ever happen sitting her up fixing her hair and kissing her rosy cheeks. Also, by reading the first few line the reader can conclude that the two characters obviously comes from different walks of life. But the couple did not let that obstacle get in the way of them seeing and communicating with one another on a daily bases. In the poem “Porphyria’s Lover” immediately we are introduced to Porphyria. The narrator first describes Porphyria as being drenched in water, he explains how she had “laid her soiled glove, un[tying] her hat and let[ting] her damp hair fall” (446). Soon after she sits along side of the narrator and placed his arms around her waist. As she sat along side of him she adjusted her clothing to where her shoulders where they’re being shown. In my opinion that behavior showed how much Porphyria wasn’t afraid to put herself out there and that she is a bit…

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