Essay on Pornographic Material And Sexual Behavior

1323 Words Jun 7th, 2016 null Page
Alexy, Burgess, and Prentky investigate a potential association between sexually aggressive behavior in minors and their exposure to and use of pornographic material. The authors use other extensive research, from other expert psychologists in the field of sexual behavior, as the foundation that inspired the study they are presenting. The authors demonstrate how older subjects involved in pedophilia, rape, and harassment, among other sexual aggressive behaviors, have had a strong connection with pornography early in their youth. Alexy, Burgess, and Prentky use this staggering information to support their position that pornography is a risk marker to sexual aggression, in children and adolescents in their current state and in the long term. However, the study doesn’t specifically target the average teenagers with a normal and average lifestyle. The authors focus on subjects who were, in some shape and form, abused, sexually aggressed, or may have a risk of sexually victimizing peers and younger. Fall and Howard present a strong case on the relationship between pornographic addiction and the internet’s expansion in the last twenty years. They explain how, in recent years, the pornographic marketing scheme, along with the internet’s global communication and sharing versatility, is designed to increase pornographic ratings in the young and adult alike. The authors describe how pornographic material is used in different stages of life, the social and personal factors that…

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