Popular Culture Is A Necessity Nowadays Essay

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Introduction Popular culture is a necessity nowadays because if people do not follow the trends in the society, they might be marginalized from the mainstream culture and it would be difficult for them to reconnect with others. Although there is no accurate definition to describe what popular culture is, it is seen as a form of communication that has a connection with the mainstream culture which subdivides into mass culture and folklore and folk culture (Buhmann, Hellmueller, & Bosshart, 2015). Similarly, in the field of early childhood education, it is no doubt that popular culture exists in children’s lives and they experience it through everyday interactions. With this in mind, sometimes the existence of popular culture makes people wonder what the culture provides children and how it involves in early childhood literacy.
In terms of early childhood literacy, it is defined “as the skills/strategies used by an individual when he/she is engaged in the processes of negotiating and constructing meaning” (Vansquez, as cited in Urbach, & Eckhoff, 2012, p.32). In the light of popular culture, it is multimodal that appears in different modes such as music, video games, televisions, and cartoons. Besides, with popular culture, there are some concerns regarding children’s literacy that makes educators wonder whether they should take it into account or not. For example, losing children’s identities through the engagement of popular culture and the gender effects on interacting…

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