The Love Boat As With Shakespeare Analysis

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In the article, Scholars Spend As Much Time With "The Love Boat" As With Shakespeare, by Robert Trussell, he argues on how the importance of popular culture is overlooked by scholars who claim it does not meet academic requirements. Trussell explains the effects of popular culture and how they change culture itself. Although it is commonly under heavy criticism from scholars who view it as trivial, he believes that popular culture should be studied in the way past culture is studied today. Despite people 's opinions on it, I agree with Trussell, popular culture has importance and it should be comprehended as it is what drives American culture.

Why is popular culture important? Why should we bother picking apart something that’s intended
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Both are equally important as they both pave the road to social change. High culture continues to hold, what most believe to be the most sophisticated, challenging, and rewarding cultural products in the arts. Considered the culture of the elite, which includes classic literature, fine art, music, and architecture are most often taught and studied. Popular culture includes what is current and interesting, the culture of the mass of society. Unlike high culture, most trends and products do not stand the passage of time or popularity. For example, Shakespeare 's novels and plays have been taught throughout the years, respected and celebrated as the classics is high culture. His work lasted the test of time and is continues to impact society. While pop stars are lucky enough if they are able to stay relevant for a few years. When looking at such pop stars, what truly matters is the impact they leave in the music industry. Trussell expresses his thought on this as well, "In academic halls from Berkeley to Bowling Green, young scholars and their instructors spend as much time tackling the history of shopping, television and comic books – in other words, popular culture – as they do analyzing Homer, Shakespeare and Milton" (Trussell 1). Trussell is saying that scholars should study popular culture the same way they study high culture. Even if it seems minor or insignificant, there is no denying that many

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