Essay about Poor Diet And Its Effects On People 's Lifestyles

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“ Today , over 60 % of adults in the United States are Overweight or Obese. Poor diet is killing more Americans than smoking , With the poor diet from Americans eating unhealthy and there putting their bodies at risk because of the food that consume in their own bodies. With the poor diet and not enough exercise Americans are being put at risk of death because of the food that they are eating and poorly or non exercise at all. Facts have been proved that their have been more deaths by poor diet than lighting up to smoke a cigarette now a days. Based on stats from 2010, nearly 680,000 people die from their dietary habits, versus just over 465,000 from smoking(Mat McDermott). Now, it doesn’t mean thats the only thing causing deaths it could be from smoking like heart disease, lung cancer, or even a car accident, through everything it could cause a positive or negative effect on people’s lifestyles . Many things kill Americans each year say for instance lack of physical activity or high blood pressure will also kill among Americans each year and it also can cause a negative effect on lifestyles. By comparison, alcohol and drug use kill about 88,600 and 25,400 Americans each of lack of bad exercise or lack of very poor diet . Poor diet can lead to obesity , which when you obese you 're more highly than likely to not exercise at all because when you 're obese its hard to do physical activities and such things like that. Americans are obese every year and lack of diets and…

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