Similarities Between Genesis And Hesiod

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The stories of Pandora in Hesiod and “fall” in Genesis exhibit the divine-human relationship between the God(s) and its creation’s effect of sinfulness and immorality toward their annihilation. However, Genesis perspective of monotheistic as the one and only divine power, compare to a polytheistic representation in Hesiod - where balance is spread between each of the gods. Genesis is able to explicitly present each side’s choices. Although, both Hesiod and Genesis display immortal sin, the monotheistic structure in Genesis is more compelling at explaining the emergence of the evils of the world because it demonstrates both divine and mortal choices, while Hesiod’s account is less compelling because the polytheistic world shows the immorality …show more content…
Evils exist because Hesiod says, “even then Prometheus was forward to cut up a great ox and set portions before them, trying to befool the mind of Zeus.” Prometheus’s own choice of defying Zeus proves the importance of the protection of human over Zeus total control. The act of multiple gods interacting together gives opens choices to divine figures making man seem enslaved. Because there is more open choice in a polytheistic the choice that one god makes will always affect the thought of another. Zeus ability to call the God above gods is questionable because, though, his dominance is always presence for him to make a choice; he gets that choice from the effects that other gods’ actions display. By choosing to take away fire to the human and compel his dominance, Hesiod’s ability to compel the evils of the world is more of choice that is made by Zeus. Unlike Genesis display of more human vs The God divine interaction having more liberty on choosing from right or wrong. The act of disobedience displayed in Hesiod proves that one god can commit an immoral act, but there is always someone higher in power to keep the power equal, while in Genesis there are more “free choices” that both the divinity and mortals have. Zeus punishment of making a woman for mankind, shows how in a polytheistic system gods are always balance-out by the choices and actions that other gods

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