Polygamy And Arranged Marriages : A World Of More And More Social Acceptance

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In a world of more and more social acceptance, concepts that would be considered forbidden in the past are now seen as okay in the present. This allows for definitions of words to be altered and for true meanings to fade away. The guidelines for a true marriage are far from what they were in the past. There are different types of marriages and different reasons for getting married other than the most important reason, love. Marriages can be categorized in many ways. There is polygamy and arranged marriages. All these types stray from the original path and while doing so lose key components of the true meaning of marriage. Polygamy is when a person is married to more than one spouse. This concept can lead to many difficulties in the household like the abuse of power, feeling neglected, and even jealousy. Men are naturally the head of the family and have a power to make decisions in the household because of their position. Women could easily feel powerless and like they do not have a true say in what happens. Women in this position are always fighting to be seen and heard they tend to become more submissive in fear of being replaced. A husband could easily abuse his power and take advantage and be unfair to his wives. In a matrimony such as this one women could feel neglected because of the man not having time to fulfill his responsibilities as a husband to each of his wives. This could lead to jealousy between the wives if they are feeling as if they are not being seen or…

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