Pros And Cons Of Polygamy

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Polygamy is one of the most thought about and controversial issues in this day in age. It’s specifically controversial in religions that do not practice polygamy, but still notorious in religious where it once was practiced like in Islam and Mormon societies. These two religious groups are very controversial due to their history and societies acceptance of them. Mormons and Islamic people are subjected to a lot of criticism in today’s society. In order to fully understand their arguments, you have to look at the religious birth of both religions, as well as their history with polygamy. The custom began after the start of widespread agriculture among largely populated civilizations. This allowed men to gain social power and they typically had …show more content…
Islam has become one of the most predominant religions to take advantage of the permission and legalization of polygamy. The Islamic religion has emphasized that a man will have a healthy married life if he is committed to mutual love and compassion, as those are two factors of regular marriage monogamy. The Quran speaks highly of polygamy, and conveniently grants men the ability to rotate as many women as he so pleases in and out of his marriages. It also gives devout Muslim men the religious permission to do what they want with women sexually. There are also very specific verses from the Hadith where it refers to the established polygamy acceptance in the Islamic tradition. The biggest controversy involving this acceptance is the argument if Islam encourages gender equality. Islamic believers put men’s sexual desires on such high importance, where as woman are created to satisfy man’s lust. Women are not allowed to seek the same desires, and must do what they can to pleasure their man. In Islam, it seems as though a woman’s worth only goes as far as her sexual value to the man who has devalued her worth. There are other conflicts when it comes to Islamic polygamy on both the husband and wife. Some include the wife’s acceptance, polygamy being a natural and social need, homosexuality being wrong but polygamy is fair game, and the fairness of it all. In conclusion, though these conflicts can be grounds for lots of destruction, the main factor is the ungodly human, not the law itself. Muslims continue this practice of plural marriage worldwide, though in America it is very limited. American Muslims discourage the idea of having multiple lovers due to the United States

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