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Poltergeists 101

The poltergeist is a ghost or spirit that can manifest its presence through noises, moving objects, knockings, or possessing the body of a living human. The word “poltergeist” originating in germany translates to “noisy spirit”. In germany, the word poltergeist is used to describe many different phenomenons such as spontaneous movement of objects around the house without a rational cause. This activity is studied and analyzed by specialists called parapsychologists. However, due to modern sciences and far-fetched speculations of ghost and spirits, parapsychologists are taken very lightly in the workforce. Studies about the poltergeist has revealed that they can not do physical harm to people but could have a huge impact on a person's mental health.
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It started with the brutal murdering of actress Dominique Dunne by her boyfriend. Then young star heather O’Rourke died at the age of 12 due to cardiac arrest after a undiagnosed case of stenosis. 3 more deaths also occurred including the director of the second poltergeist movie. Most say that the cast of the poltergeist was tormented by disease and a tragic case of misfortune. The legend says that real skeletons were used throughout a scene scene because it is cheaper than prop skeletons. Disturbing the remains of the death is considerably dangerous. The spirits that were attached to the bodies of the skeletons took over the bodies of some of the cast members. After the scene was filmed and the cast members were told that the skeletons were real, Will Sampson who is a native american actor who has a scene in the film came onto set over night and performed and exorcism on those exposed to the skeletons. The legend is that the curse on the cast of the original poltergeist is still taking the lives of the cast

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