Essay on Politics And The English Language

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In “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell laments that the English language has deteriorated over time. He is particularly frustrated with the misleading and abusive language used by the politicians, especially in the context of the wars and economic issues that were prevalent in the 1940s. In “The World of Doublespeak,” William Lutz elaborates on the same idea, but terms it “doublespeak.” He describes four different types of “doublespeak” and how they are being used to misinform people. Both, Orwell and Lutz, recognize that doublespeak is very dangerous, especially in politics where people are intentionally being misdirected away from the real issues, such as justifying atrocities committed during wars by trivializing it with “pacification.” I support the use of doublespeak when it is not used to deceive people. For example, when using euphemism when one needs to be politically correct so as not to offend another person, or using popular jargon commonly practiced by present-day generations, like “LOL” or “SMH.” I strongly agree with Orwell and Lutz that doublespeak should not be permissible when used to intentionally mislead people to improve one’s own social, political, and economic standing, but I am in favor of different words being used to not offend people.
In the political context, intentional manipulation of the English language is dangerous when used to disinform the public on controversial topics. Orwell states, “in our time, political speech and…

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