Political Socialization And The Factors That Influences The Formation Of Individual Opinions

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In democracy, public opinion is very important for politicians because citizens are the ones who elect their office representatives, at the same time citizens have to act together to solve collective action problems. Polls express citizens’ public opinion that government pays attention and mobilize their campaigns around these opinions. However, a person has a combination of different beliefs, feelings and behavior about politics based on information and knowledge that has been acquired throughout different sources. Also, how consistent and strong are these attitudes vary by person. In addition, at individual level opinion on certain issues, evaluations of candidates, campaigns, and parties are based on five different factors. Two of these main factors are Political Socialization and Framing. Political socialization starts early in life, but it continues during adulthood, and it changed based on direct or indirect experiences. Framing can affect citizens’ opinions about politics, which also reflect ambivalence or lack of knowledge.
Political socialization is one of the factors that influences the formation of individuals’ opinions. Political Socialization is the learning process of acquiring political beliefs throughout life from varies of sources. People learn information staring from their childhood and young adulthood. Family is one of the primary influences. It depends how a kid is raised. For example, if a family is constantly talking about politics at home, the kid…

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