A Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Can America Be Fixed?'

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Thesis: The united states government has become extremely dysfunctional over the course of the last few years according to many professional writers. Elements that contribute to a defective Washington are polarization, tribalism, and the inflexibility of politicians. Susan Page, author of “Divided We Now Stand” explains that many Americans are aware of the increasing polarization, a stance on an issue defined by a party, and that citizens believe that politicians are more polarized than them. However, Page argues that voters are to blame as well. She uses a survey to illustrate the choices that Americans make on a certain policy. Based on the test evidence shows that Democrats and Republicans choose the stance of their political
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The Republican Party contains politicians who have different intensity of polarization (Ornstein). This is an issue because members from the same political party cannot get along which results to disagreements within the party. Jim Douglas, author of “Beyond Partisanship”, agrees with the concept by stating that polarization affects politics by making it more difficult for politicians’ to arrive at a conclusion or compromise on any issue. When this occurs, the government becomes ineffective because no actions are being taken for improvement. The government is aware of …show more content…
These government actions add on to the dysfunction that plagues the country today because these elements lead to political gridlock. Although the United States dysfunction is growing Douglas argues that there is a solution to polarization. Several reforms must be put into process: elimination of gerrymandering in congressional districts, application of term limits for unfit office holders, and alteration of the congressional work week to promote in-work relationships (Douglas). Douglass also adds that respect, cooperation, pragmatism, and civility must be used daily by politicians I order to eliminate the polarization that has turned our current government to one of the worst of all time. “Polarization alone doesn’t inevitably lead to deep dysfunction” states Ornstein. Tribalism also contributes to that dysfunction. But, what is tribalism? Tribalism is when people form into tribes or social groups based on likeminded views and political parties. Ornstein provides the audience with a simpler way of understanding: “In a nutshell, tribalism is an approach where if you are for it I am

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