Political Repression And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Introduction Political freedom is a benefit that is often overlooked and undervalued in most western democracies. Many other countries do not have the same benefit. Some suffer from political repression as a means of governmental control. In some cases the political repression is because of government corruption. The literature shows that countries with a pointy resource have high levels of corruption. A pointy resource is the primary resource that brings in the vast majority of a countries income. To maintain control in countries that have pointy resources corrupt government officials repress the political freedom of citizens. This is perpetrated so that government officials can maintain power and continue to siphon off resources. These government officials repress both the political rights and civil liberties of citizens in countries with pointy resources for the purpose of maintain control.
Countries that have a pointy resource will have high levels of corruption. This corruption is perpetrated so that those in power can gain the most possible for themselves. The government officials strive to maintain power and accumulate personal wealth. This is done by maintain control of the masses and stealing income created by the countries’ pointy resource. Instead of investing in the human capital and public goods that will benefit all of society, the few in power reap most of the benefits. The interests of a few take precedence over the general welfare of the…

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