Political Parties In The 1790s

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Partisan Politics occurs when one political party does not agree with another political party and is unwilling to compromise his political beliefs. The year 1790 was the birth year of partisan politics in the United States just as Washington’s presidency was coming to a close. The two factions emerging would be the Federalists in support of Alexander Hamilton and those opposing were the Democratic-Republicans that were led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The Federalists believed in a strong central government that centered around the rich and elite, along with a need for economic growth. The Republicans believed that a strong central government would only oppress or restrict the rights of citizens. The republicans wanted to protect the rights of individual states, along with its citizens and believed that government should represent the majority such as farmers or the “working man,” therefore a strong central government would allow too much power to a single person.
The republicans had a very strict interpretation of the constitution; they read the constitution literally in order to keep the government honest. Evidence of this is shown in Jefferson’s opinion written in the “Debate on the First National Bank.” While the Federalists were for the National Bank and Alexander Hamilton argued the constitutionality of the bank upon the basis of the
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The Republican Party adopted these views based on the evidence that presented itself in the way the federal government was operated. We saw this in the violations of the First and Tenth Amendments. Jefferson’s goal was to do the right thing for the individual states, along with its citizens and fought to do so as he witnessed the corruption that came along with a strong central

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