Essay about Political Parties And Interest Groups

1078 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
In today’s modern democracy, political parties and interest groups play a huge projecting role in the United States government and it is rising quickly. Political parties and interest groups are organized groups of people who work towards specific goals within the government, promoting politicians and raising money to help accomplish certain needs. While yes, both groups are working towards similar goals they often times serve different purposes within the country’s political system. The real question is whether or not either of these groups are helping improve America or if they are helping to diminish the American political system. The most familiar group known amongst people around the country is the idea of political parties. These political parties are commonly referred to as the republican and democrat parties. While these two parties have definitely made an important impact in America, many could argue that they have done just the opposite. According to our textbook, By The People, political parties are known to have five major goals that they tend to stick by. These goals are as followed: they must select the candidates, champion ideas, mobilize voters, organize governing activity after the election, and help to integrate new groups into the political process. In today’s government the parties are frequently butting heads with one another. Each party has very different ideas and opinions that it makes it sometimes impossible to come to a final conclusion. Many…

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