Political Participation And Political Politics Essay examples

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Non-Electoral Political Participation
Many countries around the world have in place a government system known as a democracy. Unlike dynasties and dictatorships, the power of decision making in democratic societies lay in the hands of the country’s citizens. In countries, such as Canada, America and Switzerland, citizens are eligible to take part in choosing a leader and voice their opinions about their country’s political state. This process is known as political participation. Political participation can be defined as the voluntarily participation of individuals in the political process with the intention of influencing their political environment. According to Dyck (2014), political participation can be divided into two categories, electoral political participation and non-electoral political participation. Electoral political participation occurs when individuals participate in the electoral system. This involves voting, volunteering for a political party and donating to a politician’s campaign or to a political party. Non-electoral political participation is the exact opposite, it occurs when individuals express their political opinions in ways other than through the electoral system. This includes participating in rallies and protests, staging sit-ins, and boycotting products.
Both forms of political participation have their advantages and disadvantages, and their importance in a democratic society has always been a question. While electoral participation is most…

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