Political Legitimacy And Water Essay

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Political Legitimacy and Water The strength and proper operation of any type of political administration, whether that be democratic or representative, relies on the combination of the ability of rulers and government officials to use coercion and the establishment of political legitimacy. Political legitimacy is when the entire political system and the decisions of their rulers are recognized by the people and the rules are accepted for their validity. Political systems that have high political legitimacy can be expected to be quick to recover from periods of crisis due to high resilience. Rulers and authorities in these political systems that have a considerable level of political legitimacy will be able to make decisions and commit resources without the consent from the ruled and without resorting to coercion for every decision. That being said, political legitimacy can be considered highly important in politics as well as …show more content…
There are many growing pressures on water resources, from population and economic growth to climate change and pollution. These pressures have major impacts on our economic, environmental and social well-being. Along with these major impacts comes the political power and social cohesion associated with the control and sustainability over this water. Similarly, to the control of petroleum deposits that has made countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq and certain other Middle East and North African countries politically legitimate, control of water has a remarkable potential to do the like. The water problems arise in certain areas of the world due to inappropriate management, failure to meet human needs, and improper economic incentives, all of which are rooted in the wastefulness of water. Thus the lack thereof water can be seen as a form of economic instability and lead to an absence of political

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