Political, Economic, Cultural And Military Similarities And Differences Between Greek And Roman Empires

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The purpose of this paper is to compare political, social, economic, cultural and military similarities and differences between the Greek and the Roman Empires.
Early structure and geographical effect on politics Both Greece and Rome were had an established city-state model. However, the immensely different topographies of Greece and Rome influenced their political development. Greece is a mountainous land with many islands which did not allow for easy travel which meant that an interaction between the Greek city-states was very restricted. As a result, many of the Greek city-states to developed independently of one another. The aristocracy of every city-state defended its independence and discouraged any efforts to make a monarchy (Source). Rome is centrally located which allowed for relatively easy access by various people from the north, south and sometimes the sea. Most of these people were migrants but on occasion Rome was invaded. The influx of new people and threats caused Rome to develop a city-state that absorbed migrating populations, and to defend against invaders. People in the conquered lands were offered a Roman citizenship. The Political System and accountability

Rome 's political structure had two political parties representation within the Senate. The Greek government didn 't have political parties and those elected into office were directly elected by popular vote, which was an early form of democracy.
In Rome, two chief consuls were elected…

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