Political Culture And Political Socialization Essay

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Political culture and political socialization both have to do with people’s political views. Over the years nations have formed different ideas in which a society should be run and how a country should be ran. In each country there are different types of political cultures, some cultures more refined than others such as elite political culture and the mass political culture. Some political cultures work better than others and this may lead to an economic success or an economic downfall. Poltical behavior also plays a part in how a political culture becomes prominent in a country. Political culture is, “the psychology of the nation in regard to politics” (Roskin 356). Whereas political socialization is, “the lifelong process during which people gain their political views, espouse their political values and express opinions based on these ideas” (Reference). These ideas are worked on and passed throughout generation to generation. Both political culture and political socialization have to do with values which are, “deeply held views” (Roskin 110). Both have been formed and passed down to others. Political socialization tends to change with what is happening around the individual at sed given time and this can be influenced by friends, families, teachers, as well as the media. Political culture is not necessarily changed a lot based of the given times even though it can change it is a very slow process. This is because these views have remained the same since the origin of…

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