Political And Social Effects Of The First Crusades

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The Crusades were a Religious military conflict between Christian and Islamic forces for control of the holy lands. Though there was multiple crusades I will be only looking at the first crusades which lasted from 1095-1100. I will be looking to see if the crusades, even though very deadly wars, Benefited the world as a whole from the more connected world that would become after the crusades. The crusades when launched in 1095 by Pope Urban to stop the Muslim expansion into the Byzantine Empire, had many benefits and drawbacks but overall had large geo-political affects economically, socially and also lead to the spread of movements of people, disease and knowledge. I will examine each of these points to see the true effect the first crusade …show more content…
It began the large scale pilgrimage of christens into lands of Asia Minor. The crusades had many objectives and goals with the most important being the protection of the Byzantine Empire by stopping the advancement of the invading Muslims armies. As the first crusade went on another objective became the main goal for the war reconquest of Jerusalem and other Holy Land that had been under Muslim rule. Once the Crusaders arrived they began to launch assaults throughout the cities in the Middle East ending with the capture of Jerusalem, devastating the current population of Jerusalem with “blood flowing freely in the streets. Jews fled to a synagogue and Muslims to a mosque. Crusaders burned the synagogue, killing about 6,000 Jews, and stormed the mosque, butchering an estimated 30,000 Muslims” (Wright, 2016)
The first crusade had large economic effects throughout the world with the growth of trade and the church. At the beginning once Pope urban II announced plans for the First Crusade, peasants and knights alike, rushed to embark on the journey to recapture the eastern lands taken and occupied by the Muslim
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Middle Eastern and European cultures influenced one another. The crusaders who invaded introduced European-styled feudalism across the Holy Land while overseeing the agricultural production bringing their farming techniques within them. They also began to create crusader states which would leave a large architectural imprint. In Jerusalem the crusaders built many churches, a city gate and a public market. But this was a spread of cultural also retuned to Europe. The first crusade also was the first exposure of Muslim goods for the western Crusaders, which “including finely-crafted silks, dyed cottons and glass.” They would also lot the Middle Eastern style furniture from the cities and other items which they would bring back to Europe with them. Creating a new market for formerly unknown items in Europe. While it allowed the Church to militarize helping solidify the pope’s control over the Church and made certain financial innovations central to Church operations. This created a new social norm of the church it was no longer a guiding figure it now has become a major player on the international scene becoming almost as powerful as a state. Socially the crusades damaged relations between Muslims and Christians for 1000’s of years and this resentment can’t be felt

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