Policy Proposal - Affordable Housing Regulations Essay

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Policy Proposal – Affordable Housing Regulations
Problem: The availability of affordable housing is in limited supply, causing the middle class families face potential homelessness.
Claim 1: The property business gets better after the financial crisis abates.
1. The selling price of homes skyrocketing again after numbers of local and foreign investors, especially from China, started purchasing properties in compelling quantity. “Middle class Chinese has spent over $28 billion on American homes through 2014.” english.cri.cn, January 6, 2016.
2. It is common for wealthy people owning multiple properties on top of their successful business endeavors, in addition of property buying by the corporations.
Supporting facts:
1. Chinese investors in property business become the major player in America, commercial and residential. “Chinese Investors Becomes Major Player On U.S. Real Estate Market”. The data from the State Department confirms the figure Chinese nationals accounted for about 85% of visa recipients in 2014 alone. english.cri.cn, January 6, 2016
2. Foreign investment is good for economic growth, but also becomes double-edged sword if there is no fair regulation that protects the livelihood of its market. One thing for sure about foreign investors is their sole purpose in business as others as well, purely profit. When the market crashes or about to crash, foreign investors are the first batch to abandon the ship, because they live on another ship, but the locals have…

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