Essay on Police Use Of Force And Ethics

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Police Use of Force and Ethics Law enforcement dates back to the 1700’s and is yet considered a fairly modern social establishment. Even back then, before the formation of professional law enforcement bodies, people felt concern when it came to the granting of power and authority to the police as they were rightly apprehensive over what they were afraid would become another occupying force. As such, there has always been a level of apprehension between society and police officers, because the obvious power to use force when they are around, along with the imminent threat of being arrested makes citizens uneasy. Although Police Officers have the ability to use force when necessary, present society now has an aversion to extreme retributive justice as was applied in the olden days. As the world has changed, so to have people’s approaches towards crime and punishment, law enforcement and police procedures. There is now a mandate for a more measured response to crime in contrast with the use of visceral force, particularly when it comes to arresting someone, detaining disruptive or boisterous individuals, or controlling an unruly assembly. Therefore social order in any society is enforced mainly by the police using what is known as, legitimized force.
Use of force is the amount of restraint that one, must use to gain control of an unruly situation or person. Police officers employ different levels, or continuum, of force ranging from basic verbal restraint to physical…

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