Police Psychologists And Criminal Investigations Essays

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Psychologists have studied the procedures and tactics that are used by the police officers in criminal investigations. They have produced psychological knowledge and have helped the police to be able to apply it to criminal investigations. Since 1958, there have been many adaptations to the way psychologists handle investigations and autopsies. Police psychologists usually play many roles within law enforcement. Although things have evolved, they are still used to aid the pathologist or medical examiner (corner) in determining the manner of death in investigations. Psychological autopsy is an investigation tool that helps to reconstruct background, personal relationships, habits, character, and coping patterns. It assists in the investigation in clarifying the manner of death in suicides, homicides, or deaths that are accidental. Its purpose is to help understand the state of mind of the victim at the time of death. It contributes to the understanding of the relationship between a person’s lifestyle and their death.
Traumatic incidents are almost inevitable in law enforcement. In assistance to helping investigators, police psychologists can be valuable to the department when the community or police personnel have witnessed an act of violence, crime, or tragedy. These acts must be very unusual, brutal, or horrifying that a critical debriefing or consultation occurs to make sure everything is okay (most of the times in these situations, PTSD is something to look for).…

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