Essay on Police Enforcement And Criminal Justice System

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Recently I moved into a new state and with that a new community. I live in a small city outside of Augusta Georgia. Here the population is just under 30,000 comprised of a heterogeneous community. Although the population is rather small comparted to many other cities, the area is rapidly growing. There is not a police department dedicated to our town, however, the police are through the county, Columbia county. Police presence is very low, and here is where I believe the problem lies. With not having a police agency right within in the community the police are not as present as I have seen in other places I’ve lived. The role of police in a criminal justice system is to detect, or act on reports of law violations, to apprehend suspects reasonably believed to be in violations, and to bring suspects or defendants before the court of law (Miller, Hess, Orthmann, 2014, p. 74). When police are not present, they are unable to witness firsthand the problems within the community. In addition, police agencies which practice community policing must be familiar with various organizations and institutions within the community (Miller, Hess, Orthmann, 2014, p. 71). This creates and establishes effective relationships that foster cohesiveness and an intolerance for criminal behavior. Furthermore, this shared intolerance encourages citizens to cooperate in controlling crime, thereby increasing the likelihood that illegal acts will be detected and reported (Miller, Hess,…

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