Police Crime Statistics On Crime Essay

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Chief Bill Blair of Toronto made a claim that there has been a dramatic drop in crime from July 26 to September 9th 2012, due to the increased amount of police officers who worked overtime to prevent crime in some of the city’s most victimized areas. The Chief is making his claim using police crime statistics but one can question if police crime statistics are truly reliable and credible. We cannot be confident that crime really decreased summer of 2012. One must first look at and evaluate the factors that influence the making of these police statistics on crime. One factor that influence police crime statistics is reporting to the police. In order for there to be police crime statistics in the first place, an act has to occur and the victim or any other person must make the decision to inform the police about what happened. This is important and the most critical point as it proves that police crime statistics does not accurately represent all criminal activity that occurs. When the police are not involved, the “criminal” act is not going to be counted as a crime and be included in official crime statistics because it was not reported. If and when the police are notified of the crime, they will have to decide if it is worth responding to, if yes, then they have the discretionary power to decide if something constitutes as a crime or not.

One of the factors that influences police crime statistics are the duties that police officers have with filling out reports of…

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