Police Brutality And The Police Essay

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The literature on the topic of police brutality encompasses various areas ranging from police-suspect interactions to the bias attitudes developed by particular communities in response to police brutality. There are four areas of literature to be reviewed pertaining most to my topic. First, the literature proposes how the identities of an individual affect their opinions of law enforcement, which formulates their response to interactions with the police. Next, I will examine literature surrounding social policing ecology or the tendencies of the police. Subsequently, I will explore federal government laws and policies the directly affect law enforcement conduct. Finally, the remaining literature exploration will indicate the pre-existing research in relation to the effectiveness of police brutality policy. In short, the gap in the literature lies within the realm of determining if there are increases or decreases of police brutality cases in response to policy. My research intends to identify and compare the effectiveness of the multiple policies implicate thus far based on the number of police brutality cases within the past 20 years.
The first cannon of literature surrounding police brutality is how various aspects of identity determine a citizen’s attitude towards the police. Greenfield (1997) and Leiber (1998) propose that younger people are more resistant and have more negative attitudes towards the police. Next, within this context, it is argued that social class…

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