Essay on Police Brutality And The Police

1500 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 6 Pages
Is essential for police officers to receive the appropriate training to deal with citizens in order to avoid the occurrence of police brutality. An enforcer of the law must use discretion on the appropriate amount of force considering the actuality and situation at hand. Police officers encounter an extremely threatening, hazardous, and dangerous environment on a daily basis, so they must always be prepared with the appropriate and proper training for unexpected situations. Without the proper training police officers cannot handle situations in the suitable way and may then use deviant solutions to control the issue occurring. Police brutally occur both in prisons and in society daily, such as, during riots and prison encounters. Police brutality includes the police using excessive force, intimidation, fallacious arrest, sexual assault, and racial profiling. An officer that commits these acts may risk being punished and faced with a penalty for police brutality, which is a criminal and illegal act. Although police brutality is a criminal act, it continues to occur and we witness many situations on the media. Officers involve in sexual misconducts with the inmates. Whether consensual or not any sexual conduct engaged with an inmate by a worker, authorized guest, or agency representative is considered a sexual misconduct and police brutality. For example, touching of genitalia, breasts, buttocks intended to stimulate or abuse sensual desire, menacing and demanding sexual…

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