Pol Pot And The Khmer Rouge Essay

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On May 19, 1925, Pol Pot was born into a poor farming family (Pol Pot 1). Pol Pot got a scholarship to a college in Paris to study radio electronics. He later on got his scholarship revoked though, due to him absorbing Marxism (1). When he lost his scholarship he decided to move back to Cambodia and joined an underground communist movement. Cambodia’s government soon gained full independence from France and became a monarchy (1). In 1962, Pol Pot became the leader of the Cambodian communist party. He then fled into the jungle after becoming the leader to escape trouble from Prince Norodom Sihanouk (1). Pol Pot’s communist party, The Democratic of Kampuchea, contained half of a party with pro-Vietnamese and half with anti-Vietnamese (Morris 4). Pol Pot soon limited out the pro-Vietnamese, so the party soon turned their backs on the Vietnamese and furthered their relationship with china (A Little 3). Pol Pot formed an armed resistance that became known as the Khmer Rouge. The used guerrilla war tactics on small battles against the government (Pol Pot 1). In 1967, the government made farming peasants sell their rice that they grew to the government at bellow black market rates. This started an uprising that was known as the Samlaut Rebellion (Morris 4). The rebellion of farmers killed 2 government soldiers, but the government soon sent in larger armies of troops to the rural to try to stop the rebellions. The Khmer Rouge soon stepped in to help the farmers and began to attack…

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