Poetry Analysis Of Hunting Snake And Snake By Ted Hughes

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“Hunting Snake” written by Judith Wright and “Pike” written by Ted Hughes are two poems about nature and animals. Hunting Snake has four stanzas and Pike has eleven stanzas. The animals in the Hunting Snake and Pike seem to be similar animals as they hunt in similar ways by being slow, quiet and pouncing to surprise the animal. Both of the poets write about their encounters with hunting animals, a hunting snake and a pike fish. Judith writes about a “big black snake” in nature hunting like in aboriginal culture as she is an environmentalist and campaigner for aboriginal rights, while Ted is talking about his experience with pike fish and what he knows about them. I prefer the poem hunting snake as it talks alot about the beauty of the snake. I also prefer it because of the structure in the poem and how it rhymes and has caesura’s in the poem to give effect. In the two poems there are conflicting emotions such as beauty, fear, power and structure.

Beauty is shown within both poems. The area they are in is beautiful and so are the animals. In Hunting Snake the poem starts off by saying “Sun-warmed in this late season’s grace under the autumn's gentlest sky” it describes the place where they are and how it is a lovely day. It also shows that the day starts of peaceful and calm. It talks about how the “sun glazed his curves of diamond
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Hunting Snake “he quested through the parting grass.” is showing how the pike has power and is on a mission to kill his prey. “Our eyes went with him as he went.” the snake has power as the people are focusing on him and watching him go by. In Pike “Darkness beneath night’s darkness had freed, That rose slowly toward me, watching.” This shows power because the pike fish has been freed out into the river and it feels as if it has power again hunting more fish knowing they have no hope of escaping. “Green tigering gold.” the word tigering relates to tigers and how they are very powerful

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