Poem Analysis : ' You Are The Enemy I Killed, My Friend ' Strange Meeting '

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Valentin klinkpe
Mr Tim Murphy
English 102
‘You are the enemy I killed, my friend’ “Strange meeting” by Wilfred Owen
Poems are known mainly for the illustration of thoughts, strong beliefs, or emotions. However, through the self-expression of many poets, it is denoted that they speak of important lessons, and morals. As many types of poems there are, as different thoughts, lessons, or moral education they portray to the readers. Nevertheless, I will like to emphasis on a specific type of poem, which is very complex, speaks more of the great relativeness of a poet’s thought to reality. After the First World War, many poetry work saw the day after their death. However, been more specific by relating to an English poet Wilfred.
Wilfred Owen was born on the 18 March 1893 dead on the 4 November 1918 was an English poet and soldier narrates his experience on the battlefield in his poems. He was one of the leading poets of the First World War. He was part of the conflict, but at the very beginning. He aware of all the details he implied in the poem “strange meeting” at a very young age, although he was a soldier, he realized the bad in killing people. The poem 's was written in the 1918 but was published in the 1919 after his death. The poet uses a very rare style in “Strange Meeting”. A mixture of a strong imagination and realistic, in a descriptive way. Many are the themes associated with this poem, however, I would like to emphasize on the hopelessness in…

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