Poem Analysis : ' Song Of The Cattle ' Essay

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Australian poetry has always and will always have significant value to the Australian culture as it allows us to have an insight into the thoughts, hearts and ideas of the society in which they are produced. Australian poetry has been used to reflect and represent the changing idea of the Australian ‘hero’ over different time periods through the use of aesthetic features, the theme of heroism and the poet’s attitudes, values and perspectives. The three poems being analysed include; Song of the cattle by Henry Kendall, The Meaning of War by Katherine Gallagher, and A prouder man than you by Henry Lawson. Song of the cattle, written in the bush pioneering era by Henry Kendall, effectively develops the theme of heroism by its representation of the Australian hero through aesthetic features and Kendall’s perspective on the Australian hero. Based on past experiences from the war, Katherine Gallagher wrote the poem, the meaning of war. The poem, the meaning of war develops the theme of heroism through Katherine’s use of poetic devices to depict her attitudes, values and ideas on the Australian hero. In the era of contemporary Australian poetry, Henry Lawson wrote the poem, a prouder man than you that also develops the theme of heroism through his use of aesthetic features and the representation of Lawson’s idea on the Australian hero. Each poem has depicted the Australian hero different due to the changing nature of the Australian culture over time.
The poem, Song of the…

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