Australia Day Poem

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1, What do you think of when you hear the word poetry? Dan Davis and Len Newey think of a way to send a powerful message that means something to you. They did this through their power and meaning full poems that they have shared to send a message to us of what they believe in or what they want to share about what’s it’s like being an Australian. The first poem is an incredible poem written perfectly and changes the way you see an Australian after you read it. It is so perfect because of its way it uses alliteration and rhythm. Why we don’t celebrate Australia day is the name of this poem and it Cleary sends a message to Australians that remember a time of pain, killing and death. As he shows us that …show more content…
Another reason is because of rhyme because it attracts the reader’s attention because it keeps them reading the poem. This anger seen through these poetic devices, towards Australians doesn’t just start on the last few lines it lasts the whole way through the poem starting strong and ending strong 4, Dan Davis represents Australians in a negative way in this poem as This poem describes modern, past and future Australians to be selfish, killers and racist, and this is exactly what type of message he shows us when you read this poem and to show us his pain and that his aboriginal kind has had to go through. Dan Davis is an amazing poet that writes down what he believes into a poem. He is an indigenous poet that writes poem about his kind against Australians. He writes poems in his way of protesting against Australians to be recognised and

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