Poem: An Analysis Of 'Pancang Nibung'

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The title of this poem leaves an impression of power or eagerness in undergoing life. A stake or ‘pancang’ is a wood stabbed into the ground. Every stake has to be intense. If a stake is weak, it causes instability to houses or other buildings supported by the stake. In Malay tradition, a stake is a symbol of power. Moreover, there is a tradition of constructing houses together. This tradition aims at consolidating capacity in handling life. In this poem, a stake used comes from a nibung tree. Malay society living in the archipelago has been familiar with nibung tree for its use to build a house. The tree is very strong and its height could reach 20 meters. The strong meaning of this tree has become a basis for the title “Pancang Nibung”. …show more content…
It looks just like snail sticking to the nibung. In this stanza, the use of identical rhyme is obviously seen in every last line. The sound effect emerged gives an oceanic tones impression. Further, this stanza also leaves a sense that ‘pancang nibung’ is humans’ spirit to keep struggling the life. Gusto is a foundation which controls human movement. If the foundation is strong enough, then people shall be eager in living the life. Otherwise, if it is fragile, people’s effort may be weak. The truth is that human will always face innumerable life obstacles that keep coming just like intermittent seasons. Therefore, it is fundamental to possess enormous …show more content…
Despite of the fact of intermittent challenges, ‘pancang nibung’ as a symbol of mankind’s spirit must not be down. Natural game picturing copious mankind life complication exists in the verse below:

This stanza gives information that waves and currents as part of earth could once in a while struck a boat and it is the boat which could move the ‘pancang’. It entails that natural influence as the sea current and waves become such a test for mankind, as what is symbolized with boats within this poetry.
The rigorous of life challenges met by people is subsequently exemplified again by the coming of kemejan or shark. The strength and wilderness of kemejan happen to be the human enemy while struggling in life. However, the existence of kemejan does not decrease Malay people’s pursuit for it is the eagerness that constitutes courage to face it. The last verse of this poetry emphasizes the position of pancang

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