Plot Analysis : Train For Pakistan By Khushwant Singh Essay

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In 1947, India gained its independence from Britain, along with this newly found independence, came a division of the land. This division, known colloquially as the Partition, split British India into two states: Pakistan and a version of India that we know today. Partition remembered not because of the independence of two states, but instead it’s remembered for the violence and death it caused and the impact on political and social relations in that area, an impact that had lasting effects. Today, Partition still leaves a schism between the people in India and Pakistan. (Life After Partition)
The novel Train to Pakistan, by Khushwant Singh, takes place during Partition. It is a tumultuous world: horrific. violent, and chaotic. This world provides a shocking backdrop, one of murder, betrayal, rape, and torture. This setting allows for a fascinating story to occur and to truly understand the nature of the characters in the novel. Train to Pakistan explores several questions The foremost of which and the one that I will be exploring is the question of, “What is heroism?” The novel follows the stories of three main characters: Jugga Singh, Iqbal Singh, and Hukum Chand. Each of these characters represents a different type of a typical character; Jugga is a criminal, Iqbal is a well educated young man, and Hukum is a man who’s seen the failure of the system and joined it. These characters are in stark contrast to one another, allowing for a deeper understanding of their…

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