Plato Vs Aristotle Analysis

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Machiavelli criticizing Plato and Aristotle

Machiavelli is a realist and is more concerned with how things should be in reality, and his clarifications are based on a real world. Plato is an idealist and he is just thinking of how the ideal world is, they leave in an imaginary world, while Aristotle is always talking about existing states (try to peruse virtue). Machiavelli wants everything to be real and exist in the real world, while Plato and Aristotle have assumes in their imaginary worlds. The two criticisms of Machiavelli to Plato and Aristotle are the idea of the good and imaginary world (Plato), and virtue (Plato and Aristotle). “It appears to me more appropriate to follow up the real truth of a matter than imagination of it”. Machiavelli
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For the first criticism I think that Machiavelli was right in criticizing Plato. As, Plato is just giving us assumptions without any proofs that what he is saying exists. Plato is building he our imaginary states with his assumptions. How we as people are required to believe Plato and what he is saying and there are no proofs for what he is saying. As the story of the cave provided for Plato, all what he is saying in the story for the cave is trying to convince us that the story is an example of the real world and how to achieve the idea of the good. However, the story might not by convincing to some of the people and they wont believe in all what he is saying. Plato wants us to trust him and trust what he is saying; however, he doesn’t provide us with proof to believe in what he says so it is hard to trust him. For the second criticism, which is about virtue. In my opinion I don’t think that Machiavelli was right in his criticism to Plato and Aristotle. As there must be justice and virtue in our lives. Machiavelli thinks that since there are some bad people in this world, so we all have to be bad. This is wrong, as we as people are good in our nature, we don’t have to be bad just because there are bad people in this world. If want Machiavelli is right and we all became bad people, a lot of people will be unjust in this world and we …show more content…
We need to know, as we want to live in a better place and have a better world. Humans are always seeking for the better; humans are not satisfied with what they have. So we always want to change our world for a better place. It is the purpose for living to change the world for a better place, and that’s why we are learning and being educated to have tools to help us in the mission we have to do for the world we live in. It matters to how one ought to live. Since we live in a bad place full of evilness, so we need to change it to a better and good place to be able to live in it. I think that the tools given to us by education to help us change the world and know how one ought to live are moral virtuous and justice. We need have them in our lives in order to have the world we live in as a good place and satisfied with

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