Comparing Plato, Crito, And Euthyphro, By Plato

Many of us have best friends to whom we can rely on when we need them. For Socrates, this was his follower and beloved friend Plato. Plato was a student of the famous philosopher Socrates and if it was not for Plato we would not have any information on Socrates today since Socrates never wrote about his life. Plato wrote many dialogs about Socrates including “Apology”, “Crito”, and “Euthyphro”. We can look at these dialogs and not only realize what kind of person Socrates was, but also how Plato looked up to Socrates. We can Socrates’ views in the dialog “Euthyphro”. “Euthyphro” explains the discussion that took place between Socrates and Euthyphro at the court of Athens. Euthyphro was questioning Socrates as to why he was being put on trial. …show more content…
Plato tried to convince Socrates to escape the death penalty. Plato told Socrates “O! my beloved Socrates, let me entreat you once more to take my advice and escape. For if you die I shall not only lose a friend who can never be replaced...” This statement tells us that Socrates was in fact not only a good teacher, but a friend to most of his students. Plato was expressing to Socrates how important he was to him and how Plato could never be replaced. However, Socrates was not convinced and he presented Plato with the question “Ought a man to do what he admits to be right, or ought he to betray the right?” Plato replied “He ought to do what he thinks right.” Socrates explained to Plato how important it was for him not to do any wrong even though wrong has been done to him. This also shows how Socrates was a humble man that stood by his morals even if it meant death. After Socrates explained to Plato how important it was to do what was right Plato accepted his wishes and went on his way. Even though Plato loved his teacher and friend he had enough respect for Socrates’ morals and he ultimately supported his decisions even if it meant losing a best

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