Essay about Plato 's Theory Of Forms

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Metaphysics, also commonly known as first philosophy, has been studied since antiquity. The study of metaphysics generally seeks to answer the question of what is really ‘there.’ Many philosophers have contributed to this particular branch of thought. However our understanding of metaphysics would be less significant without the strong foundation of work by ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. One of the most important pieces of work to touch Western Society was Plato’s Theory of Forms. Plato’s work attempts to answer questions about reality and the world we live in. Moreover his writing has received both scrutiny and praise. This writing will act as an evaluation on Plato’s theory so that we have a better view of where his theory stands in contemporary philosophy as well as an understanding of the criticisms that have been made. In order to be able to properly evaluate the Theory of Forms we first must understand the theory and how Plato developed the logic. Plato first begins discussing the immortality of the soul and special matters called ‘forms’ in his middle period of writing. For Plato these forms are separate beings that exist outside of time and space. Moreover that they are objects of pure knowledge, and the reason for what occurs in our physical world (Silverman). His idea is that these forms are universals or key characteristics that are shared among many things. In example a table is square, as is a box, a stove and so on. Therefore for Plato,…

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