Essay on Plato 's The Fountainhead And Atlas Shrugged

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Plato’s Republic is a dialogue using the Socratic method to find reason, the use of rational thinking to keep the order between the state and citizen’s. Plato’s use his knowledge of reasoning to address questions that appear throughout the text, what is a good city?,What is virtue?, What is just and unjust? and Rand 's “Sense of life”. Ayn Rand was a Russian born philosopher, she is best known for her novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Another one of her accomplishments was her finding of her philosophical system called Objectivism, is a system that is closed and does not change.

Rand’s “sense of life” makes you confront your inner problems that you may face before you can face what the world has for you, because you can not help someone if you have not solved your problems. We need to understand ourselves and if we do not we will have a very unclear path, we will not know what to believe or well motivate us to make important decisions in life. We need to address every situation with a rational mindset, using reason to come to our conclusion, because the answer can affect the rest of our lives. Rands idea’s connects with the Socratic methods, she says that we need metaphysics,epistemology, and ethics.

Metaphysics is the “theory of reality”, she tells us that we need to live life knowing metaphysics because we need to know if the material life is the only life that exist or are we searching for this heavenly after life. We need to know if this world is honest…

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