Essay on Plato 's Style Of Philosophy

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In this paper I will be defending Plato’s style of philosophy and why philosopher kings are best suited to rule, this will also encompass the Forms as it is key to understanding why they are the best suited. Plato uses his Forms to further his knowledge of the difference between people whom he would consider to be true philosophers and people whom he would refer to simply as intellectuals. Plato affirms that a philosopher is best suited to say how people should live based upon the knowledge that they have obtained through all their training. This is because the philosopher is very familiar with theories that are pertinent to politics and other issues of justice, these things include but are not limited to right and wrong, and just and unjust actions. While Plato’s final summary of what the philosopher king would be a rather appealing thing in real life, however we cannot avoid the reality that there would be difficulties to the process of applying Plato’s description to find a person who fits this role best. One particularly obvious issue with this would be creating a legitimate and unbiased test to determine who is truly best fit to rule over another. However, to be an accurate fit to what Plato has described as his conception of philosophy there would have to be some sort of agreement made amongst the group to be ruled as to that was who they wanted to rule them, this would have to be some sort of rationalization of his judgements that makes the people being governed by…

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