Plato 's Philosophy And Philosophy Essay

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I chose my friend in Philosophy to be Plato, and he is one of the most well-known philosophers who ever lived. Plato was born in Athens Greece, and is believed to be born in the years of 428-427 BCE (Britannica). Plato died within the years of 348-347 BCE, and he is believed to have lived as old as eighty one or eighty four years old. In his life he became a student under Socrates teachings, and Socrates was one of the first philosophers known, who is also the first to have his ideas and thoughts written down in history by Plato. Plato went on to teach Aristotle who also became a well-known philosopher. Within the middle of the fourth century, Plato wrote many philological documents which were highly influential in his time and still to this day. Plato’s written work is mainly over Socrates, and Socrates is often a main character. Through Plato we today are able to know just how brilliant minded Socrates was (iep).

As Plato lives on through to the later fourth century, his work becomes more themed to his own philosophy where he speaks of his own ideals and thoughts. Plato is very well-known for giving this world his theory of forms. This is where our senses that gives us knowledge about the world around us is just an imitation of the real world that is unchanging, pure, and eternal. Plato also introduced us all to his thoughts on the arts and Platonic love. Plato often complained about art being just illusions of inflaming passions, and love was just a desire…

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