Plato And Plato's Perfect Society

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In a world made up of societies that are in a constant state of competition with each other for dominance across the world, there is no time to consider what is the “best” society. Plato had his ideas in The Republic, while Karl Marx had his version in the Communist Manifesto. Though it is important to note that neither of these societies exist today, it is equally important to note that these two had completely different views on society and how it should be formed. That being said, in order to create a true “perfect society” there must be some ground rules. First, it must be accepted that here on earth there can be no true utopia as humans are naturally prone to different points of view. Secondly there must be levels in society as there are …show more content…
Thus the people who fill your state have to conduct themselves in the ways that are outlined above. At the same time, however there are issues with human nature; such as responsibility and the above mentioned motivation. Both of these elements will need to be present if any great society is to succeed. This presents a problem as not every person has these elements in them or if they do, they choose not to act upon them. This can be partially mitigated by involving them in the society through government as outlined above as people will feel that they have a part to play in their society. Further combating these undesirable elements can be achieved by giving everyone an equal chance to rise in society. An inclusive society is the best for to also discourage dissent as evidenced by marginalized populations lashing out when presented with the opportunity. In all it is safe to conclude only that a perfect society can be outlined to whatever extent someone wishes, however it is still subject to the consent of the people. In all these points outline a version of a perfect society from one individual 's perspective and many, if not all would have a differing version, but for now this is the extent of my form of a perfect

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