Essay on Plastic Waste Recycling And Its Solutions

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How many plastics products do people use every day? It’s probably hard to give an exact number. Modern life is surrounding by plastic. “It would now be hard for those of us living in Europe and America to imagine a life without plastics, as they now play such an integral part in our lifestyle” (Mossman 185), so as people in other countries. On the other hand, massive plastic waste is produced by people themselves. Therefore, this paper focuses on what influences people dispose of plastic waste and their solutions.
First, green design (or sustainable design) has become a main trend, which inspires professionals to find solutions by using their specific skills. Plastics have already been recycled since 1970s, while considering the lack of technology, management and the complexity of plastic types, the results of recycling were not ideal (Hopewell, Dvorak and Kosior 1). As the increasing demand of plastics in different areas, ecological environment becomes worsening. The number of plastic waste recycling in Britain during 2002 to 2007 shows public was aware side-effect of too much plastic waste and tried to recycle products like plastic bottles as many times as possible. Meanwhile, this awareness becomes continuous and green design has been appealed in various fields. In the article, “Fantastic Plastic”, experts like designers are also trying to make plastic products more reusable and recyclable (180). “Designers are one of the missing links to solving some of the complex…

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