Essay Plastic Makes Perfect Or Does It?

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Plastic Makes Perfect (Or Does It?)
Barbara Millicent Roberts. At 57 years old, she is an iconic figure, a household name, and incredibly popular. She has obtained 130 careers, continues to earn more, and lives by many mottos like Be Who You Wanna Be and We girls can do anything. This impressive woman is just as impactful as she is stunning. She embodies the classic idea of beauty: tall, blue eyes, blonde hair, thin, long legs. This woman is more commonly known as Barbie. She was created by Ruth Handler during the 1960’s: a time when women were meant to be just housewives, staying at home and taking care of children, unable to achieve or attain anything. Barbie’s unrealistic proportions, in addition to her being considered a mascot for beauty, sparked a dislike for the dolls which is still evident in people today. Even with the development of new Barbie dolls, Barbie still has an immense and profound negative effect on young girls as she plays a factor in causing low self-esteem and confidence due to her unrealistic physical appearance. Though it is clear Barbie influences how girls see themselves, she is here to stay, and there are other factors, one being mothers’ behavior and actions in front of their daughters, that could be changed to improve self love in young girls.
Barbie 's physical appearance, though beautiful, is the reason why she is so impactful on the young girls who play with her. Many professionals suggest that Barbie triggers eating disorders (Stone, 58)…

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