Essay on Planning At An Organization 25 Years Ago

1216 Words Apr 10th, 2016 null Page
How do you think planning in today’s organizations compares to planning in an organization 25 years ago? Do you think planning becomes more important or less important in a world where everything quickly changes and crises are a regular part of organizational life? Why? Planning in an organization today is considerably different than 25 years ago, although each era certainly has its own challenges. In the past, planning was more stable and the flow of information did not include the internet and social media influence. This lack of readily available information was both a benefit and a liability, as trends and emerging competitors may have been more difficult to follow or quantify. Change, or more correctly stated, the speed of change for today’s organizations is increasing and change as a core value itself is difficult to incorporate and plan for in an organization. Add to this the pressures of globalization and the impacts of terrorism, and planning becomes more of a challenge because it must include or embrace a nimbleness not required in the past. Dynamism is a term that defines whether an organization is in a stable or unstable external environment (Daft, 2016). Some of the reasons for higher or increased dynamism include new technologies, globalization and increased competition. According to Kalowski; “the problem of dynamic change in the organizational environment was not in the twentieth century such an important issue, as it is now” (2015, p.206) and he…

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