Planet Of The Slums By Mike Davis Essay

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Planet of the Slums written by Mike Davis paints a very pessimistic picture of the conditions that were presented in what he calls the “urban South”. By being pessimistic, Davis only see things in the worst aspects and thinks that it will continue to get worse from here on out. The term “urban South” is used by Mike Davis throughout the book, it refers to the third world countries that are all over the globe, hence the title of the book “Planet” of the Slums. When referring to the “urban South”, Davis is talking about the undeveloped cities in the continent of Asia, Africa and South America; he also mentioned cities such as Mumbai (Bombay), Dhaka, Cairo, Shanghai, Kolkata (Calcutta), and many more (4). Mike Davis was very straightforward when stating the forces and powers he saw were responsible for the horrific conditions that were described in the third world countries. Davis said that the government of the countries’, international banks and lending institutions, along with the economist thinker Hernando De Soto are to be blamed for the devastating conditions that the citizens of the urban South are enduring.

In the beginning of the book, Davis talked about a vast migration of people from the rural villages to the megacities of the third world countries and that “after 2020, the rural population will begin to shrink” (Davis 2). Davis stated “ year or two, a woman will give birth in the Lagos slum of Ajegunle, a young man will flee his village in west Java for the…

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