Essay about Pixar Animation Studios : The Computer Division Of Lucasfilm

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Pixar animation studios. Unlike The Walt Disney Company, the life of Pixar Animation Studios began as the computer division of Lucasfilm (2014). During the computer division’s time under the umbrella of Lucasfilm, the team did “remarkable work in the area of computer graphics research” (p. 156). Ed Catmull, who would later become one of the founders of Pixar, recruited many notable and creative people during the company’s fledgling years at Lucasfilm. One major artist that was recruited by Catmull was John Lasseter. Lasseter had struggled within Disney’s heavy-handed and listless climate prior to his joining the computer division at Lucasfilm. Although George Lucas valued and admired the work of the computer division
“[Ed] Catmull and his team remained a target for budget cuts [within the organization]. This would ultimately lead to the…sale and friendly separation [of Pixar] from its parent studio” (p. 156). Finally in 1986, Pixar was fully established as an independent company (Barthélemy, 2011) “when Steve Jobs bought the computer-assisted animation division of Lucasfilm” (p. 45). Steve Jobs worked with Lasseter, Catmull, and Alvy Ray Smith - Catmull’s second-in-command - after Pixar’s founding (Wise, 2014). This time was marked by internal conflict - as illustrated by Jobs’ repeated arguments with Smith. But “when Jobs returned to Apple, [he] delegated…the leadership responsibility for Pixar’s activities to…Catmull, Smith, and Lasseter…[Jobs] determined the overall…

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