Pilgrim's Progress Analysis

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John Bunyan, a prestigious writer, is right up with Shakespeare of the late Renaissance. Born in a poor family, he was recruited to a religious and political war at the age of sixteen and was trapped in a tough life for a long time. In 1660, Bunyan was arrested for preaching, which led him to twelve years in prison. During his long prison life, he finished the first part of The Pilgrim’s Progress, a classical English literary work praised as “the most well-known allegory of the English literature”. Bunyan took painstaking efforts to create The Pilgrim’s Progress, and it has been successfully translated into ranges of languages throughout the world with a reputation that is almost equal to Bible. This book tells a story about a persistent Christian …show more content…
This is an allegorical novel. It should be classified into the religion literature but it was a little similar to a preaching lecture. Absorbed features from the Bible, Bunyan used concise and explicit words to depict an arduous way the Christian has been through, making the action and conversation in the book extremely vivid and specific. Thus, Bunyan is honored as the pioneer of the English realistic novel, and his work, translated into many languages and dialects, has great influence on the development of the English novels.
Not until I took the class did I hear of The Pilgrim’s Progress. After surfing the Internet, I found it quite famous and influential in the Christian literature and a large number of people especially those Christians and religious scholars have read it. Actually when I first read the Pilgrim 's Progress I was not interested in it at all even felt boring, and the result was I wanted to give up halfway. Since I never had any experience
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All the way he went through for example the "despair mire", "humiliation valley", "the valley of the shadow of death", "vanity fair", "doubt fort", and all the way he defended entanglement of "atheist", "ignorance", "Mr. Smart", "Mr. Apple", “Mr. Love money" and so on,and finally came to the kingdom of heaven to pay a formal visit god. We all had our hard times in our life and since I have been preparing for my GRE exam recently, I was really upset and sometimes even exhausted. I thought I felt the same frustration as the “Christian” did, but at this time his words would come upon my ears: My enemies! Do not rejoice over me, when I fall, I will rise up, I sit in darkness, and Jehovah will be a light unto me. Although I am not Christian, I was inspired spiritually and learned a lot from the loyal Christian. In order to reach the paradise of the heart, he insisted on his beliefs, had indomitable sprint, did not be afraid of all kinds of hardships, and ultimately achieved himself goal at last. It was the power of the divine in his heart that drove him constantly in his process towards the

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