Pilgrimage Is The Pilgrimage Of The Jewish Festivals? What Connections Can Be Made?

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To the Jewish community, Pilgrimage is the travelling to an important religious area. The ritual of Pilgrimage contributes to quite a high extent in expressing the beliefs of the Jewish adherents. This can be shown through how the Pilgrimage is a part of the festivals, it being the journey that is taken to the festivals. The connections that can be made between each festival and the Pilgrimage for them. Beliefs and relationships with God are expressed in Pilgrimage thus connecting God to the Jewish everyday lives and how this is important in their faith. Finally, identifying the divergences which set Conservative Jews and Reform Jews apart in the ways they use Pilgrimage or don’t use Pilgrimage in their faith now.
How does Pilgrimage mark the beginning of the Jewish festivals? What connections can be made?

Pilgrimage is the action of travelling to a religious area, therefore it fits with the festivals. The festivals begin with the travelling to the Temple wall in Jerusalem. The connections between Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot is that they are all connected to different points in the harvesting season. In Deuteronomy 16:16, God expresses his wish for all male Israelites to travel to Jerusalem, then to have the priest offer an animal sacrifice that was a representation of each of the men. After this the men then offer their own gifts that reflect the blessing that God has given each of them. Passover celebrated the Exodus of Egypt as well as the beginning of the new…

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