Piaget 's Theory Of Cognitive And The Sensorimotor Stage Essay

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B.B. was 7 months during the time of the first observation. This is an in-depth analysis of child development theories in reference to the capabilities of B.B. during the observation.
Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development- the Sensorimotor Stage. The sensorimotor stage is the first of four stages that Piaget founded in his theory. During the sensorimotor stage, “children know the world through actions on the world- sucking, throwing, pounding, etc. They know what they can see. Objects out of sight are out of mind- they don’t exist for the infant” (Woolfolk, A., & Perry, N. E. 2012). At this age, children experience life and learn via their innate, human senses (i.e. touch and smell). Therefore, it is imperative to note and understand that a child’s knowledge is created through their own personal actions, reactions, and interactions as they tend to build and construct their own methods and/or levels of learning. In laments terms, during this stage, one might predict that they teach and educate themselves.
In reference to infants and toddlers, habituation is the tendency to tire of information they have mastered and to seek novel information (Woolfolk, A., & Perry, N. E. 2012). Sometime during the middle of the observation, it was noted that B.B. was attempting to push herself off her stomach and stand straight up. This skill for a 7 month old is not easy. Usually, infants around this age need adults such as parents or caregivers to assist them when…

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