Physics : The Physics Of A Golf Swing Essay

1077 Words Nov 24th, 2014 5 Pages
The physics behind the average golf swing is quite complicating yet so simple at the same time ( Its not necessarily the harder you swing the club the farther your shot goes, it has other factors to deal with as well, such as the rotation of the shoulders creating the torque on the club head. Swing speed does play a very big factor in the distance of the ball though, but you must have everything in the exact same sequence as you would a regular golf swing but speed everything up, keeping the tempo of the swing as similar as possible to your original average swing speed. If you were to try to understand the physics of a golf swing you would first have to understand rotational motion, when an object travels in a circle it moves outward. Just like a car making a sharp turn, if you weren’t wearing your seatbelt then you would get jerked across the seat because of centripetal acceleration. ( more acceleration you have, the farther your golf ball with go, as long as you have the correct sequence and tempo in your golf swing. The rotation of the shoulders is also key to a successful golf swing. The rotation of the shoulders creates torque on the club head, which in return accelerates the club head in the downward motion along with the gravitational force of the earth adding onto that. Therefore, the more rotation of the shoulders, the better and farther the golf shot will be, along with a more precise and accurate…

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